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Natural / Organic Food addressing your nutritional imbalances leading to a healthier living and well being


with Lactobacilli What a great way to start the day and keep going......

Powder 150g


a natural food source aimed at supporting hormone balancing.

Powder 150g

Organic Green Barley Grass

Simply the perfect food

Powder - 200g or 1KG

Prime Directive, through the Flora Ferm™ process, has fermented a variety of 22 Certified Organic Wholefoods.

It is important to note that each ingredient is a whole food and not extracts, parts of plants or synthetic chemicals dressed up as vitamins. Many races for thousands of years have fermented their foods. This process not only assisted in preserving the food, it also assisted in retaining the goodness and vitality of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

All foods contain amino acids, the building blocks for life. Proper processing and fermentation keeps the amino acids contained in our whole foods intact. The whole foods in Prime Directive contain 18 amino acids in their natural form, no synthetic amino acids are added to Prime Directive. The end result is a truly amazing product that is totally food based with the added advantage of having 13 friendly Lactobacilli bacteria, all cultured with the Flora Ferm™ process from fruits, vegetables and grains.

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S.E.L.F. is a living food that contains 18 amino acids, the building blocks for the growth, maintenance and repair of living tissue. S.E.L.F. is a collection of phytoestrongenic foods. These naturally occurring plant compounds exert many beneficial influences on the human body.

Phytoestrongens have been shown to have “a bone conserving effect in menopausal women” (Cassidy.A, 2003), can prevent (Chiechi, 2003) and improve menopausal symptom (Lemay.A, 2002). They have been associated with a favorable, metabolic cardiovascular risk profile in postmenopausal women (deKleijn.M, 2002)

Experience the uniqueness of S.E.L.F. Your phytoestrogens in a food form, which is the way mother nature intended it to be. The available evidence suggests that the potential health benefits of phytoestrogens involves the gut microflora (Rowland, 2003). The unique “Floraferm” fermentation process harnesses the 12 strains of probiotics to predigest the phytoestrogenic wholefoods found in S.E.L.F., rendering the nutrients and phytoestrogenes highly absorbable “to give balance to the levels of circulating hormones in both sexes” (Stephens.F, 1999)


is considered to be a highly nutritious food in its own right.

“The leaves of the cereal grasses provide the nearest thing to the perfect food this planet offers” stated Japanese researcher Hagiwara after ten years of research on over 300 green plants. Organic green barley is reportedly an excellent source of vitamins, folic acid, essential minerals. It also contains chlorophyll which is a vital element for general well-being.

Japanese researchers in 1993 identified a new isoflavonoid from Organic Green Barley, which has strong antioxidant activity especially inhibiting lipid peroxidation. Another flavonoid in Organic Green Barley called 2-0GIV which has antioxidant activity, antiallergic activity and anti-inflammatory effects was recognised by Shibamoto ( in 1994.

One important point: We recommend to start with a small amounts of the selected product(s) each day. There is no reason not to mix two or more but a quarter of a teaspoon for the first weeks slowly increasing to about a teaspoon taken during the day is our recommendation. The reason for this is to avoid the cleansing response that may occur if your body starts to detoxify too quickly. A small amount e.g. half a teaspoon daily will begin the process gently without any discomfort to the majority of people. It is best tot spreads your intake through the day rather than have it all in one drink or one go.

If you have not been given specific dosages by your nutrionalist or practitioner we recommend to start with Green Barley and either Prime Directive or S.E.L.F. The latter choice depending on if you wish to address hormonal imbalances for example when approaching or experiencing the meno pause or if you wish to improve your health generally. The above products can be mixed or taken independently from each other.

Starting slowly and specifically when mixing two of the above products these packages are the right amount for up to two month.

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Natural Products to aide and / or accelerate detoxification and some infections

90 Capsules


is a blend of natural herbal ingredients traditionally used to control parasitic organisms and yeast infections common to humans.

60 Tablets


Antioxidant & Liver Tonic for optimum liver detoxification.


10 Pads


Detox while you sleep! All natural herbal ingredients, such as bamboo vinegar extract to stimulate reflexology points in the foot and accelerate the body’s ability to discharge toxins.

What is a parasite?

A parasite is a life form that survives off its host, including worms, bacteria, protozoa and amoebae. Parasites often work by stealth so you probably don’t even notice their presence. In the meantime they rob your system of nutrition, loading you down with their excretions and secretions.

How dangerous are parasites?

Parasites can pose a serious health threat. Parasitic worms may result in poor absorption of nutrients, and can contribute to fever, abdominal pain and anemia. Disease-causing bacterial parasites (pathogens) include those causing tetanus, tuberculosis and syphilis.

Can I clear myself of parasites?

Vitaklenz is a blend of herbs traditionally used to control parasites. The double action of this powerful formula assists the elimination of parasites and Candida infestation.

VITAKLENZ should be taken over a 30 day period to promote a healthy digestive system.
Adults over 12 years: 1 capsule taken 3 times daily or as recommended by your health care practitioner
Packsize: 90 Tablets


can reduce excessive free radical activity and thereby potentially improve liver function. Enhanced liver function may lead to improved detoxification and potentially reduce harmful metabolites which themselves can increase free radical activity.

“Oxyguard is a balanced broad spectrum synergistic antioxidant formulation containing herbal antioxidants, herbal liver support and protection as well as nutritional antioxidants” (Phytocare Professional Healthcare).

It has been designed to maximise absorption by using many different antioxidants in correct proportion..

The primary function of combining liver herbs and nutrients in an antioxidant formulation is to minimise the effects of the many free radicals produced by the liver as part of it's normal detoxification processes.



Dosage 1 tablet twice daily
Packsize: 60 Tablets


Just apply the BodyPure™pad to the sole of the foot before going to bed…..

And see the results in the morning!

BodyPure™ has been a best seller in Japan for 12 consecutive years. The foot pads have been tested independently at SRC Analytical labs.

They have also been tested via Hair Analysis, Syncrometer, and Brain Wave Analysis.

The results of the sample pads that were sent to SCR Analytical Lab, an accredited Environmental Laboratory, demonstrated absorption into the patch of Nickel, Arsenic and Mercury amongst other toxins.





Package contains 10 Foot Pads

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