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Probiotics means "for life" and this name is now mostly used to refer to concentrated supplements of beneficial or good bacteria taken by humans and animals.

So what do "friendly bacteria" do for us?

Keeping us healthy is hard work for thes Pobiotics. They increase the absorption of minerals and vitamins and improve digestion, especially of milk products (lactose intolerance).
The minerals and vitamins locked in our food and in the supplements are only useful if they are properly absorbed and digested. Only than can the minirals and vitamins improve our immune system by producing antimicrobial substances that deter various bad bacteria.
It is important to note that many debilitating and degenerative diseases begin in the intestinal tract.

Increasing the absorption of calcium is important in the prevention of osteoporosis.

So what else do they do?

  • producing vitamin complex B
  • supporting healthy liver function
  • normalising bowel elimination problems and promoting regularity
  • preventing intestinal tract infections
  • alleviating bowel wind, bloating and belching
  • assisting in cholesterol management
  • increase protection against harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Some of the "good" bacteria









Here are just some health conditions associated with low levels of probiotics ("Friendly Bacteria")

Acne Cold Sores Chronic Diarrhoea Strep Throat Urinary Tract Infections
Chronic Fatigue Hyperactivity Gout Migraines Yeast Infections

What causes low levels of probiotics?

These friendly bacteria living in your intestinal tract can be easily damaged. They can only perform the functions that keep us healthy if they are in a fit state. Many factors influence just how healthy your bacterial flora is. Here are some of the reasons:

- periods of stress - the natural ageing process - using antibiotics - using steroids - chemotherapy
- radiation (x-rays) - alcohol - eating disorders / poor diet - pollution - chemical additives - pesticides

So when bifidobacteria will help rid the body of toxins as well as manufacture vitamin B's, but when in a poor state of (bacterial) health they don't do this as well or may even stop.

Many of the germs in our air, food, and water have become antibiotic-resistant. Factors in today's stressful world contribute to the loss of good bacteria in the body. Some micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi and viruses that we encounter daily are not only unfriendly, they are very harmful. Some can even kill you. For this reason it is importnat that you bring back the beneficial bacteria to the gut lining.

This can be archived by the usage of safe and beneficial bacteria supplements that really work. It is important that the product you select delivers friendly bacteria to specific areas of your intestinal tract. Not all probiotic products on the market today are created equal.

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