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Your Blood

This is how it should look like seen with Blood Microscopy.

Clean Plasma, shiny red blood cells, no rouleau (string together cells) and minimal or no debris.

Reality Check

A 46 year old woman.

She was feeling fatigued, suffering from regular headaches and had irregular digestion and bloating.

Resulting in a general "run down feeling"

clumped and rouleu

The microscopy picture taken shows:

Severe clumping of red blood cells, where they are not clumped they show "stringing together" which is called Rouleu.

The plasma is dense and not very clean.

After just 6 weeks

of nutritional supplementation regularly taking Prime Directive and Green Barley a marked improvement can be seen.

Shiny single red blood cells can be seen.
There is much less Rouleu effect and for the first time the plasma can be observed and is reasonably clear. (The little specks are debris).

The woman reported a dramatic improvement. The headaches have gone, she has more energy, regular digestion and the bloating has disappeared as well.

improved blood picture

Microscopy taken from a 39 year old man:

Showing rouleu, quite a lot of debris and alarmingly uric acid.

This is strongly associated with gout and may accelerate the building of uric acid stones.

After just 4 weeks taking Prime Directive the picture to the right speaks for itself.

Clean plasma, shiny red cells, less debris and no uric acid could be observed.

The above 39 year old man felt downtrodden and complained about aching joints. After the first 4 weeks he describes his energy levels as 8 of 10 and the aches in his joints have lessened so much that he is only rarely noticing them.

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